EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

Everything these days runs on data. The days of securing data through photocopying are far gone – the modern alternative is file systems and storage devices. However, they aren’t a fail-proof solution as they can fail too causing you to go into panic mode. This is where data recovery software can help you save the day by recovering your lost data. 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a popular software in its league that prioritizes simplicity over anything else, but it comes at the cost of advanced features, like backups that you would find in other data recovery tools. The software works on a simple mechanism, it scans your desired storage device, identifies the list of lost files, and recovers the ones that you select. The entire process is automated, and the support for countless file types and file systems is almost concealed from the user. 

Let’s start with file scanning – you will find three modes: quick, deep, and raw. 

The first mode i.e., quick enables you to recover specific files, folders, and data that was deleted through the standard algorithm.  

The deep mode examines the storage device with respect to the category and restores almost all the data and files, even the ones that weren’t recovered in the quick mode. This process might extend to a few hours, but the software gives the feasibility to save the scanned files for accessing them later. You can also stop the scan and resume the recovery from the same point after a while. 

The raw scanning mode is one step ahead and restores the data that wasn’t accessible in the deep mode, such as user records. The software scans the memory clusters in the computer and consumes more time than the deep scanning mode to restore files and information. 

Once you have scanned the files, you can review the ones that can be recovered through the preview option and initiate the process based on your selection. This ensures that your computer isn’t overloaded by unnecessary files. The best part is that EaseUS supports a range of file formats for recovery, including videos, images, emails, documents, audio, and more. Not just that, you can recover these files even if they were deleted accidentally during a virus attack. You can even search which file you want to recover through the file type. You can choose archived files and data you want to restore after you’ve cleaned out the recycle bin. 

Another feature supported by EaseUS is formatted recovery, which ensures that disk formatting only deletes the data and files saved in the address tables instead of the saved data and files. You can restore the lost files and data even after you’ve formatted the device using a data recovery software. 

EaseUS is a paid software with a price starting from $69.95/month and $99.95/year. However, it does have a free version, but it supports limited features. Overall, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is considered a secure, effective, and safe data recovery software that helps you restore deleted and hidden data even from a crashed system. 

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