DxO PhotoLab: A Fantastic Tool To Edit Your Photos

Photography is an art, editing photography is also an art. Fortunately, there are a lot of digital options for photo editing. Just as every photographer has their own style, each photo editor has a unique approach to design in its software. DxO PhotoLab offers a clear interface, great autocorrection, a haze remover, geometry correction, fantastic noise reduction, and very powerful local adjustments. It does allow for keyword tagging, but doesn’t account for face recognition or layer editing.

DxO PhotoLab is available on both Mac and Windows machines. It conveniently offers integration with Adobe products like Lightroom as well. The user interface of DxO PhotoLab is a dark gray color, which provides a calm and clean look for editing. DxO PhotoLab allows for side-by-side comparison and has a great interface for viewing different edits of an image. One nice feature in this program is that you can save your “favorite tools” by marking them with a star. This makes for a smooth and faster process that many photographers appreciate.  

DxO PhotoLab also uses traditional keyboard shortcuts. There are far too many editing features to discuss here, but I will highlight a few that stand out. The Automatic repair tool is fantastic for removing things from an image, like other people or backgrounds that are unappealing. You can use Clone or Repair mode to accomplish this editing reality. This program also protects artists by integrating a feature that creates watermarks for images.  

This tool can protect images from copyright violations and also keep the artists’ credit clear throughout its use. DxO PhotoLab has extensive file management tools that allow users to organize and sort their projects without fear of misplacing them in the program. The workflow is a familiar tabbed style workflow that is comfortable for most users. Most photographers rely on the ability to share their work to large amounts of people in order to make money. 

This program allows professionals and amateurs to export their work to Facebook, Flickr, or Adobe products easily. Of course, users can upload their files to any social media or marketing tools as well. The interface is a bit overwhelming simply because the features are so many.  

The newest release of DxO PhotoLab has tools grouped by purpose, which eases a lot of user frustration. You can try DxO PhotoLab for one month free, then you can choose from either the Essential Edition or the Elite Edition. Both programs offer a plethora of tools and features. Other things to consider when reviewing photo editing software are the system requirements and workflow. DxO PhotoLab has a relatively high set of requirements and also has been known to cause lag on typical computers.  

DxO PhotoLab offers a support page and resources on their website along with a frequently asked questions section that will answer most user questions. There are also program specific “learning Hubs” for users that crave a deeper understanding of all the features this program has to offer. If you still can’t find the answer to your question, you can send a request to the support team and they will reply. Following DxO on social media will give you a great foundation to understand what their programs can do and keep you learning with new challenges.

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