Mozilla Firefox Browser Review: How Secure Is It in 2022?

Firefox is another high-performing web browser packed with useful features set out to make their users’ personal and professional lives more accessible and more productive. An open-source project developed by Mozilla is sometimes seen as the best Chrome alternative. People do make the switch often for privacy reasons. Like many open-source products, it is free to use, distribute, and change as you like. Firefox is available in 90 languages and compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux. 

What is surprising is that within just a couple of years, Firefox has taken the previously dormant browser market by storm and awakened the giant Google. According to the sources the Mozilla Firefox browser now holds 3.91% of the browser market. Competition among tech giants is always a good thing because it increases quality and it helps users like us. 

Privacy and Security 

Firefox is a much more privacy-focused web browser. As the brand standard, they automatically block most trackers, which not only speeds up your browsing but keeps your browsing more private. As an open-source tool, Firefox itself also collects much less data from you because they have not vested financial interest in your data. Numerous extensions can boost privacy and security.  

Firefox is also leading privacy innovation in fingerprint blocking: the process of eliminating websites’ ability to track your digital fingerprint but automatically blocking third-party requests. 

Search Smarter  

Like many other web browsers, Firefox has an intuitive and optimized search bar where search suggestions, search history, and bookmarks make browsing more efficient. At the same time, where Chrome tends to slow down when searching with many tabs, Firefox, while also a resource-heavy browser, doesn’t seem to lag as much. 

Boost productivity 

Firefox is compatible with Google products, so you can integrate your productivity tools without compromising on all privacy. 

Design-wise, the Firefox user interface is sleek and straightforward to use. You can also customize your Firefox web browser to suits your preferences, adjust search bar settings, or change the new tab layout. The more tabs that are open, the horizontal scrolling option appears rather than the tabs getting increasingly smaller. There is also a dark mode to the interface.  

Mozilla just released the latest version of Firefox 94.0.2 Web and mobile phones. While this latest version of Firefox may not seem like it has many new features, it is a solid release as usual. Mozilla team’s focus on performance, stability, usability and security clearly results in a better and faster product, and many Firefox users around the world will be pleased with that. 

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