Everything You Need To Know About The Yuzu Emulator

When it comes to emulators, the first one that comes to mind is Yuzu Emulator and that is for a good reason. From downloading to installing to finally playing games Yuzu is one of the easiest Emulators to use which is very surprising considering the fact that it is an emulator for a fairly recent console the Nintendo Switch on Windows devices as well as devices running Linux.

Nintendo is known for having great single-player exclusive games that are pretty much the exception rather than the norm these days with the advent of multiplayer games that have season passes and pay-to-win features. So if you want to play your favorite Switch games on your PC, Yuzu is a great or if not the best emulator for that!

Installing Yuzu is a breeze, all you need is to download the installer from their website which is ad-free, click the version of the program you want to install and the installer will do the rest from downloading the required files, extraction, and installing.

Now when it comes to ease of use when loading your desired game and playing, this emulator is top-notch. It is as simple as locating the directory or location on your drive where the ROM is and viola you can go ahead and play the game. The user interface is simple, you will not get lost with cluttered menus, overly complicated inputs, or a general lack of direction.

But don’t be deceived the simplicity and ease-of-use of Yuzu does not mean there is no room for customizability and tuning which includes performance options such as choosing between OpenGL or Vulkan as the API, aspect ratio, Resolution among others as well as the ability to remap your controller to your liking. 

Speaking of controllers you can use just about any controller such as PlayStation Controllers, Xbox 360, Switch Joy-Cons and Pro Controller, or even just your keyboard and mouse! How many controllers can be detected by this emulator? How about 8? Sounds a lot but it can detect up to 8 controllers and all can be customized separately from each other giving each player the ability to feel at home whatever controller they use. 

Are you worried that you might spend countless hours dumping your Nintendo Switch games to your PC only to find out that it isn’t working or there are game-breaking glitches? Yuzu has saved the headache of testing games yourself with their compatibility list that categorizes games from not booting to bad to okay all the way to perfect which means there are no graphical, audio, or functionality issues.

Now if ever you do encounter issues despite the game being compatible or desperately cannot install the needed files for emulation do not lose hope, there is a large community behind Yuzu with forums, discord servers, and content creators dedicated to helping other users achieve a seamless, bug-free, and easy-to-use emulator for Switch games. 

Yuzu reflects the modern trends not only in gaming but with all things in general, it is easy to use, seamless and fast which is wonderful since there are already so many things to worry about in the world, how to play our games should not be one of them! Watch the following YouTube video for more useful tips.

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